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 Jennifer Perko & Co. bring a long history of service to BEDROCK Home Services & Property Management. We believe that nurturing strong relationships with every one of our clients – relationships grounded in performance, conversation and trust – is the unwavering focus of our company. When you need to talk to one of us, just call.

Since 2005, we have offered luxury domestic services, construction management, concierge, and owner's representation services in the Roaring Fork Valley. We and our qualified staff take care of everything, from maintaining that magical house in the arms of the mountains, to the fire in your fireplace and the outdoor gear expertly tuned, so when you arrive, there’s nothing you need to do but celebrate being here.


Jennifer Perko

Chief Amazement Officer – Founder

Ensure products and services meet standards of quality and cost effectiveness for client. Establish, develop, implement, and revise company practices and trades. Onsite daily manager and client relations. Certify your home remains safe, sound, and in perfect working order.  


"There’s legitimately no substitution for hard work.”

                      -A. Kutcher

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